Ant Henson - Before The Music Ant Henson was born and raised in the coastal town of Poole, Dorset. He began learning classical guitar at the age of 11, working his way up through the academic grades before being bastardised by The Who a few years later. With this corruption came the advent of his interest in face-melting solos, which he explored through the medium of 'high school bands' whilst attending Poole Grammar School. Despite being bullied at an early age as he attended Alderney Middle School (and lacking confidence amongst his peers as a child) Henson found himself via the stage as part of 'Maverick Arts', a youth theatre group ran by Henson's good friend and early mentor, the late Gavin Dutot. He took to the boards with other youth groups throughout these formative years before actually running a group himself for nearly two years. In his late teens, Henson formed pop-rock group 'Undercurrent' alongside long running school-friend Adam Scholey. Following almost three years of popular success, the group disbanded on friendly terms as Henson turned his mind to travelling and an ever-growing intrigue towards psychedelic rock music. After thousands of miles of intercontinental exploration, Henson returned to the UK to commence his higher education at the University of Reading, where he studied Robotics. Here he encountered notable figures such as revolutionary gerontologist, Aubrey de Grey and 'first cyborg' Prof. Kevin Warwick. The latter of whom was Henson's personal tutor for two years. He also met and befriended best-selling Italian author and post-humanist philosopher, Francesca Ferrando. During his time at Reading, Henson was also fortunate to have the opportunity to play the role of 'hidden human' in the 2008 Loebner Prize and Turing Test held at his school. After his graduation from Reading (and further subsequent travels) Henson finally dedicated his life to music full time. Little did he know that less than two years later he would be playing festivals with KT Tunstall!